In The Beginning ...

I can't believe it. It is time to take that big step and launch my baby, Our Fine Yarnery. She has been a long time coming and loads of work but I have enjoyed every minute. I have grown up with yarn everywhere around me. From the age of 10 I worked for my Mum who managed a family owned wool and haberdashery store. It was a baptism of fire in a way as Mum worked me so hard. She didn't want any of the other employees to think I had it easy! We were so busy all the time. It was very rewarding helping customers to select yarns, decide on colours and assist with patterns and accessories. A rainy day would bring in the customers in droves! No-one wanted to be caught on a wet day without a yarn project. Most importantly, our customers became our friends.

Fast forward to today. I still love my yarn creations. I have been into large stores and wandered around trying to find someone to serve me. I've had to take a number. I have used mass produced yarn like many of us. I've been disappointed.

When I finally had the opportunity to travel overseas my little eyes lit up! I found so many beautiful yarns and accessories of the highest quality that we just don't see, feel or get to use. So began my research into bringing together the very best products for us like-minded yarn artists. We too have amazing small yarn producers here in Australia that can be elevated by people like us onto the global stage.  I have been especially focused on small family businesses like myself that care about how their products are made, how their processes impact on our world and who truly care about me and my customers.

I want to give that service that was the centre of Mum's store many years ago and sadly is a rarity in many large retail outlets. I want to share in the excitement of my customers' projects - that buzz that we get when caught up with yarn. Then the euphoria when we have the beautiful finished article! I want my suppliers and customers to be my comrades as we bring back family businesses, ethical decision-making and true personal service and to the retail industry. 

I have already met so many wonderful people throughout the early phases of the development of Our Fine Yarnery. I hope that you too will join the OFY family. Please use our contact form on our website and include your phone number if you would prefer to speak by phone. Please ask questions and make suggestions. Most of all once you have your OFY supplies, please share your progress (even that ever annoying frogging) and finished projects - even if it is your first or one of many. We are on Instagram and Facebook and I invite you to join up for our VIP newsletter.

So welcome aboard, I'm so pleased to have you with us.

Thank you,




  • Michelle

    Hi Karyn … I am just working out this online world too! I have only just discovered how to respond to messages here. Things change all the time and there is new things to learn every day (in between all the other things we have to do). I am guessing you have worked out that frogging is pulling undone – something we crafters unfortunately have to do quite a bit. I would love to know how your project went. Message me on Instagram if you get a chance.

  • Karyn Care

    Hi Michelle.. glad to of stumbled on to u on instagram 😊 I’m a reborn knitter. Was very much into it but lost touch over the years. Am struggling thru the whole online world but it does of course provide fantastic connections. On my first project now, think it been 20yrs, already unpulled once🙄 so happy to meet u😊 and can u tell me what frogging is?🤔😂 thanx

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