So Much News and Where Did July Go?

I have so much to tell you about new arrivals and plans for the coming months as we head into the depths of Winter. But first up I want to say how much I am thinking of my comrades in craft that are in Victoria and sitting tight through a second wave of Covid-19. I am sure everyone will join with me to say we so much want this to turn around for you all so very soon. The impact upon individuals, families and businesses is extreme and rest assured that you are in our thoughts all the time.

In these times many of us are turning to knitting and crochet to give us the escape that we need. Personally, I like to pick up my project last thing in the evening as it takes my mind away and helps me to relax. On a global scale, Covid continues to impact upon the crafting industry with mills and producers trying to catch up after closures. Blue Sky Fibers were very low on stock and fortunately I had back-ordered our favourite shades and they have now arrived and are in store! There will also be a couple of new shades too.

A new line from Blue Sky Fibers for Spring is the Printed Organic Cotton (Worsted) which adds a whole new dimension to our beloved 10 ply favourite. I have three of these beautiful shades hitting the shop shortly and then more arriving in September. Our Blue Sky Fibers absolute luxury yarns, Alpaca Silk and Metalico, have new colours on the way. These two yarns are unsurpassed in feel, drape and elegance. 

Our beloved hand made yarn bowls are always in demand for gifts (or to treat ourselves!) and we have some being made as we speak. All good things, carefully made, take time. Watch out for some of the cute new designs! 

Our Scheepjes Whirl - Fine Art cakes have started to arrive and are in store now. These have been made with fine merino and match in with our very popular Merino Soft range. Check out the Hip Dip Cardi that is a classic design with a modern gradient twist. We have the navy version in the shop with more colourways coming soon.


Now I must confess that I can knit and crochet a whole lot better than I can design websites. Now that my Lauren is off on adventures I am in need of some support. Fortunately, the very talented Banika, bless her, has been working on making our website a little easier to use. Your feedback is always welcome and we hope to make your shopping experience as positive and stress-free as we can.












You can now add a review about our products and service, so we would love to see some reviews popping up. We don't have a single one just yet :( so if you would take a moment to pop over to our website and jot down a little bit about your experience, I would love that very much. 

To write a review click the write a review button found at the bottom of each product page.


You have been asking for kits to make it quick and easier to order so you will see more of these appearing over the coming months. Kits will include the pattern and yarn that you need to complete your project. We are trying to make it quicker and easier to grab what you need and more cost-effective too. Any needles and accessories are optional and can be easily added to your shopping basket. We will continue to add more kits over time.

I am always so pleased when I get to hear from you and see your work. Our projects are rarely about perfection, rather, about the joy and sense of achievement we feel. Remember I was (albeit slowly) making a virus shawl for my Aunt Audrey? Well, I did finally finish it and I took a trip over to Bathurst to make sure she got it. Now in a nursing home, I wasn't able to go in but I dropped it off and later received a call from my cousin letting me know how excited and happy she was with her gift. My Aunt's joy made me really happy. 

So please, let me know how you are going and what you are making. It is a joy to hear from you too.






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