There's a Chill in the Air - In More Ways Than One

Da Da! June has arrived and so has the cooler weather here in Mudgee, Central West, NSW. The mist is lurking early in the morning and the washing won't dry if out after 2.00pm. But I don't mind one little bit. I can pop on the fire, the kettle and me on lounge with my knitting/crochet project of the moment. Welcome to Winter.

Now things have been very hectic in recent times. There is a shortage of our favourite yarns as mills closed due to the Covid situation. We were all isolating which meant lots of time to knit! If you are keen on a particular project I would grab it now as you may otherwise be kept waiting. I have orders in but our carefully made yarns can't be rushed and will slowly be appearing between now and September. Of course I will keep you updated as stock arrives but I imagine it won't last long given the demand.

The next order to come in will add a couple of colours to our Organic Cotton (Worsted) range and top up our Spud & Chloe 'Sweater' supplies. These continue to be hugely popular and if you have ever used them you will understand why.

I was very lucky to obtain a packet each of the new Scheepjes Merino Soft colours that are so very sweet. The Netherlands too are struggling with demand so I again have orders in (including our other Scheepjes ranges) that will hopefully arrive soon. New to our store will be the gradient yarns that go with the Merino Soft - stand by to see these gorgeous cakes.

Don't forget that when you send me through photos of your project that you have purchased from Our Fine Yarnery you go into the draw to win some more lovely yarn! Our last winner, Maxine who made two Elizabeth Cowls and sent me through snaps of them, was ecstatic with her win. Maxine is now busily working on her next project with her two complimentary skeins of Organic Cotton (Worsted) in 'Periwinkle'. I just love to see your work! From photos of your projects in the early stages, through to the finished item, I love to see and share your inspirational work. It is not about being experienced either. It is all above the joy.

We have another giveaway happening for June. It is getting cold and that means beanie and hat making time! Order any yarn and pattern for a beanie or hat from Our Fine Yarnery and have fun whipping it up before the end of June. Send me your snaps and you will be in the running to win 2 skeins of Devonia DK. This yarn is a boutique organic yarn made in Devon, UK. The colours are complex and amazing! So pop over to the website and choose your beanie or hat. Men's, Lady's or children's whichever you prefer. Time to get cracking! Get your pics over to me before June ends.

Getting back to the chillier air, I just want to share something with you that happened last week. For those of you who don't know, my other love is teaching. I still teach young children a couple of days each week as I find this so very rewarding and always have. Children are so eager to learn, so open, honest and optimistic. So what happens to us that we can grow up and not be so particularly nice?

Basically someone, instead of coming to talk to me, made a complaint and it turns out that they were mistaken. Even so, I was so hurt, disappointed and downright sad that this had happened, completely without consultation.  On a much grander scale the world is shocked and saddened by the treatment and subsequent death of George Floyd. It made me think about how we treat each other and the grief that can be caused. I am glad there are protests. I am glad that people are speaking out. It shows that many of us want the world to be a better place where all human beings are valued and treated with respect and kindness. We all slip up and make mistakes. It takes a much better person to admit when they are wrong, own the behaviour and make amends.  I will certainly be mindful of how I felt from this experience and the old saying "treat people the way you would like to be treated" still rings very true. And that is my little step up onto the soap box for this week.

Thank you again everyone for staying in touch, emailing me to ask questions or just to say hello. I am blessed to have such a wonderful group of people supporting my little country business and to share my love of craft.




  • Michelle

    My pleasure Darlene. Many people, myself included, get a lot of joy and comfort from our craft so I am always really excited to see someone starting out and discovering just how fulfilling it can be. It is all about the enjoyment no matter what level we are at. I am so glad I can help.

  • Darlene Curru

    Thankyou so much for your help with my first ‘real’ yarn purchase today. You were so kind and I very excited to start in my scarf. (I’m a very basic knitting beginner).

  • Michelle

    Thank you Maxine. I’m all good now. I needed to turn it into a positive, brush myself off and carry on. Your moss stitch is looking amazing and I love the mid blue of the ‘Periwinkle’ Organic Cotton (Worsted). You will have a nice little assortment of cowls for the cooler months. Thank you so much for staying in touch.

  • Maxine Pyke

    Michelle, so sorry you were hurt this week, hope all is sorted now. I finally finished the blanket project so today I was able to start my Moss Elizabeth Cowl in the magnificent Periwinkle Organic Cotton. I’ll send you a photo when I’ve finished.

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