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Devonia DK 100g

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This unique yarn is a blend of 3 breeds of sheep that are local to John Arbon's mill in Devon - Exmoor Blueface, Devon Bluefaced Leicester and Devon Wensleydale. The Exmoor Blueface brings a wonderful springy nature to the yarn, the Bluefaced Leicester lends its outstandingly soft handle and lustre, whilst the Wensleydale adds its qualities of a beautiful golden sheen and fineness of fibre.

Each shade is inspired by the work of renowned 19th century French tapestry artist Jean Lurcat. There are 14 in total and each is made up of up to 5 blended pre-dyed fibre tops to create a rich melange of colour in the spun yarn. It is lovingly worsted spun in Devon by John Arbon and is truly incomparable to anything else. The colour depth and subtle shades within each colourway is a thing of beauty. This is only matched by the gorgeous handle and joy of knitting (and crocheting) this beautiful British yarn. Garments and accessories will stand the test of time whilst keeping you warm and looking amazing.

Composition: 50% Exmoor Blueface / 30% Devon Bluefaced Leicester / 20% Devon Wensleydale

100g will give you 233m of yarn
Suited for use with  3.5 - 4 mm needles 

Bleeding Heart / darkred
Broken Flower / palevioletred
Ocean Rain / darkcyan
Sage Sprig / forestgreen
Ivy Leaf / seagreen
Sandbar / tan
Snow Ash / lightslategray
Cinder Glow / black
Night Shade / indigo
Burnished Bronze / saddlebrown
Dark Skies / darkslateblue
Pollen Gold / olive
Devonia Cream / ivory
Amber Blaze / brown

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