Billy Pig Yarn Bowl

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Introducing this curly-tailed farm friend Billy the Pig.
Here to help keep those runaway balls of yarn and tangles at bay.
Billy has three holes on his side and a channel on the other to keep things neat, neat, neat!

Each bowl is hand made and thus unique. A lovely gift for all knit / crochet lovers of quality accessories.

What are yarn bowls used for?
It's a bowl
 that you put your yarn in while you're knitting. It solves the problem of the ball of yarn rolling around the room during knitting.

The holes in the bowl are there so that you can knit or crochet with multiple strands of yarn at the same time. Just feed one yarn through the main swirl and the other yarn through the holes. This will keep them tangle-free as you knit.

Pig Yarn Bowl
Billy Pig Yarn Bowl 2