Shelley Husband

Granny Square Flair - Crochet Book in US Terms (Paperback)

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If you have not yet discovered the pleasure and fun of crochet and granny square making, this is an excellent resource for your discovery. Shelley Husband has created an Australian text suitable for both those reasonably new to crochet as well as those interested in more of a challenge. 

This book takes the reader through 50 granny square patterns of varying difficulty with the provision of both written and charted instructions. Plenty of tips and techniques abound, helping the reader to develop sound technical skills that can be applied in general crochet practice. Further, the text guides us through joining techniques as well as offering 11 projects to make with instructions from start of project to finish.

I particularly like how Shelley has set out this book in a clear and user-friendly style with plenty of photos, diagrams and written support that will have you addicted to crochet and granny squares before you know it!